About us

We are a communications agency grounded in the cultural sphere and the experience sector. Our home court covers experiences, arts and culture, lifestyle, tourism, the NGO world, and the public sector.

We help our clients tell stories that both carry the values of each sender and create value for the recipients. Stories that can have a broad or a niche appeal, be epic or intimate, simple or complex.

We communicate ideas, visions, artworks, numbers, initiatives, projects and campaigns – and in everything we do, we celebrate those who have the courage and willpower to do, create, and mean something.

Core areas


Long live the good story

Always chasing down the good story – just like the journalists. We know the media, their playbook and needs, and we have carried out hundreds of press campaigns.

Social media

Engage the many

It has to be thought-provoking, funny or just insanely great. We ride social media like a skilled horseman, and every day we are raising the bar to a slightly higher position.


Starry moments and togetherness

The special occasions that count for ten and create an inward sense of unity and outward visibility. We create concept after concept, and we breathe proud and strong life into the.

Culture encounters

Meet your opponent

Identity, unity and the future. Denmark is short on places that allow us to meet and truly speak to one another. This is why we are putting our vast network to use year after year as we establish new platforms for social cohesion and progressive cultural development.


First you have to recode yourself

It’s all about having a position and a plan, because even the most successful players cannot take their own future for granted. We develop lots of narratives, and they are accompanied with strategies that ensure that the narratives will have fruitful lives in the real world.


Who’s carrying whom?

2+2=5. That is how it should feel, when you find a new partner. For years, we have served as a matchmaker between operators from different fields and sectors, who want to create something together.